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FASCIA is a continuous tissue from your feet to your head. Because of their continuity, they sustain any posture or movement the body may adapt. They help sustain a normal balanced posture, but they also perpetuate the body’s tensions and imbalances, thus permanently maintaining the body in an uncomfortable position and limited in movement.

Fascias are reticular tissue layers of tissue covering all components of our body. Every muscle and muscle group has a fascial sheath, even organs.

Damage caused by a traumatism, surgical procedure or any injury is important because tissue tends to thicken and shorten. This fascial network connects and communicates throughout the body. Swollen areas transmit tension in many directions, which can be felt at distant points, very similar to how a hook in a sweater can completely deform the garment.

Any misalignment, alteration or imbalance of tissue will have an effect on the entire structure, even on areas far from the injury. The body will start to compensate and try to maintain this structure as functional as it possibly can.