Business consulting

Business consulting

Corporate Physiotherapy

Home Care Physio aims to form specialist corporate relationships so that Physiotherapy can be provided for employees within the work place. This service provides a convenient way for employees to acquire the most effective and latest researched information and skills in physiotherapy. A perfect way to allow people to continue work whether they have a minor complaint or have suffered an injury or operation and require intensive rehabilitation. A great saving in unnecessary travel time and it also allows people to be assessed at their workstation. Home Care Phyiso is beneficial for both the employer and employee in that it helps cut down on absenteeism and increases productivity and efficiency in the work force.

Ergonomic Assessment

Our Physiotherapists can visit your office, assess workplace ergomonics – the position of desks, chairs, computer stations – and advise on best practice for postural care. We explain how simple alterations can help prevent back, neck and repetitive strain problems – and help save company money. A high percentage of the clients we see complain of either back or neck pain. In fact, up to 90% of the population suffer from back pain at some stage in their lives. The most common cause of these aches and pains is usually found by examining what we do every day, and especially what we do at work – how we sit, stand, move and lift things. And that’s where Homecare Physio comes in – because we can help fix those problems, often before they start.

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