By combining the latest scientific research and more than 30 years of practice in bodywork, physical therapist, Rolfing® and movement education, Bibiana Badenes will give you a body roadmap for you to easily find greater health and joy within your body and your life. She will guide you through exercises that help you listen to your own innate body intelligence—the subtle and not-so-subtle signals that your body uses to communicate with you. When we listen to our body intelligence and enter into the right relationship with ourselves, we have the foundation to cultivate the right relationship with others and with the natural world.

Body Intelligence will give you the ability to notice body sensations, listen to them, then respond in a way that respects the body’s needs, so enhancing your quality of life.

Date: November 30
Time: 9.00 – 16.00 with a 75-min lunchbreak
Location: Satyananda Yogacenter; Torsgatan 33, Stockholm Sweden
Cost: 1 450 SEK
How to apply: Send an email to

Workshop topics
* As a participant, you will be guided through (non-athletic) body exercises individually, in pairs, and in groups to explore the following areas:
* The role of your feet in supporting, balancing and pushing your body.
* Your hands as a mirror of your relationship with yourself and others.
* The art of walking.
* Breathing for inspiration, energy, and relaxation.
* Posture as a potential for action.
* Healthy Spine.
* Power sitting.
* Strenght vs Rigidity
* Movement sequences to improve your Yoga, zumba, Tai Ji etc.
I* dentifying and releasing muscle contractions and unnecessary tension.
* Finding more effective movement patterns given your body structure and your job tasks.
* Body language – my way of being in the world.
* Centering and focusing – changing my attitude and the outcome.

Participant benefits
* Awareness of your embodied patterns and their impact on yourself and others.
* Increased sense of relaxation and aliveness.
* Individual feedback on more effective posture and movement alternatives.
* Tools to use your body as a resource for action.
* Self-care exercises to age well.
* Centering techniques to reduce stress and improve your performance.
* 30-second exercises to balance yourself.

We will work different areas of the body to create an increased awareness of your gestures and movements, releasing areas where there is tension and restriction. In time, you will become the best expert about your body and yourself. A guided relaxation at the end of the workshop is an integral part of the body intelligence experience.

These exercises are focused on health and prevention of premature ageing. They will help you become more vital and energetic, increase your mobility and have less pain, more action and reaction.

Who is this workshop for ?
Men and women of all ages and fitness levels are welcome.
Exercises will be practice in walking, standing up, sitting and on the floor in different body positions
Bring comfortable clothes

The aim of this workshop
is to increase body awareness, prevent injuries, stabilise joints, strengthen muscles and correct imbalances. You will discover the intimate relationship between your body, your expression, and your emotions. This is called integration. You achieve integration when you feel yourself as a whole organism.