I am so thriller to be presented in this ISMETA online gathering. I think that it is a great opportunity to share my experience and knowledge in this conference . My presentation will be in Health area



Somatic Movement and Awareness in Burn-out and Stress Management Programs

Description of the physical part of a burn and stress management program in a residential environment, focused on generating awareness and attention to the movements of daily life.

We work with the concept Somatic Awareness which means people’s recognition of themselves within their environment where we use sensations to identify the psychological, physiological and social factors that promote healing and self-regulation. How the program has evolved with a vision of Rolfing ®.

The result was the interventions in the program with the focus of not only working with the symptoms, but understanding them in the context of the patient’s life, self-care and future prevention.

My presentation is based with the work that I have been doing with the Swedish psychologist Fredrik Bengtsson for almost 20 years.

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Tags: educación somatica / Embodiment / engaging embodiment / isleta / Movement Education / Social Justice / somatic / Somatic Coaching / SOMATICO