Intelligence holidays

Intelligence holidays

People are now seeking holidays which are stimulating for the mind, body and spirit; a time for healing, relaxation and personal growth.

We have developed a model for a holiday that combines the pleasures of a traditional holiday along with personal growth activities. The combination of relaxation, meditation, body awareness, movement, gastronomy and cultural activities have proved to be extraordinarily effective in soothing tensions and promoting physical and mental health. The result is a new concept for a holiday that integrates all of these techniques against a backdrop of rich interpersonal communication, freedom and fun.

The growing success of Smart Holidays and the many similar options that are invading the market is clear evidence that society is looking for intelligent and holistic alternatives to the disenchantment of the traditional holiday. As always, we offer you a life-enriching healthy holiday. Our attractive program of activities is specially designed to enhance your own physical and mental well-being. We also organize your holiday according to your needs.

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