About me

“If life is the art of encounter, we have found each other”

I had a happy childhood, surrounded by my family, I remember many summers together. I was a curious child, restless for knowledge, I loved it when they told me grown-up stories. I moved a lot and I loved to play very much. I was an organizer, assertive. Disney princesses were never my idols. My true idols were women who worked with passion and enthusiasm, and I dreamed of being able to work with people.

I believed in free-spirited women with certain rebelliousness in their way of being. I didn’t feel a specific calling, but I loved meeting people from other countries, and what I did know is that I wanted to get to know the greatness of this world. So I asked many questions which my surroundings did not know how to answer.

As a child I got hit on the head by a football, from which I recovered like all the other kids “with no major injury”, but this impact and several falls caused my neck to become stuck, and I began to develop scoliosis. Over time this created pain which continued in my neck and down my spine. They told me to swim, because my body was tilted and shortened. My high expectations of myself and the not-knowing what was happening to me made me feel uncomfortable in my body.

Sports were good for me, because I had always been a mover, and it gave me balance, discipline, and greater self-understanding. Still, it wasn’t enough, and I still felt stiff and got stuck in my neck and lumbar spine, along with the uncertainty that came with the pain. I was lucky to not have to wear a brace, well, mainly due to my refusal to wear one, and that’s when I realized I had to find my own solution, and I got started on my way.

Sobre mí

I was a good student, and I spent my last year of High School in the USA with what would become my American family. My last week there I learned about the profession of physical therapy, something that really didn’t exist in Spain. Upon my return home, with a lot of questions in my mind about what I wanted to study, I finally chose to study Physiotherapy at the University of Valencia.

I opted for physical therapy. I wanted to work with my hands, so physical therapy was a therefore a good option.

In order to quiet some voices I will tell you that I started in Medicine and then opted for physical therapy, so I’m definitely not a frustrated doctor. I wanted to be able to have contact with people, work with my hands, so physical therapy was a therefore a good option.

However, I soon felt that University had given me training, but not the profession I had imagined, and I felt that within me this visualization was still possible. I continued to suffer backaches and kept researching and taking courses like NLP, body awareness, nutrition, natural remedies, and anthropology- new topics for me, and subjects that were entirely unrelated to the academic framework of the time.

After already working as a physical therapist, I attended a myofascial therapy course. The teacher worked on me in such a way that I responded: Wow! I want to work like this and I want this work done on me. He told me that he had learned it from people who practiced Rolfing© Structural integration. The next day I started researching it that was in 1989.

I received Rolfing© sessions, began a process of personal transformation, there was a before and after, and I decided to do the training and dedicate myself to this way of working for life. It gave me the understanding of how to come closer to individuals in a holistic way, working with an integrative paradigm and not only on the symptoms. It felt totally clear that this was my way. I am an advanced Rolfer and the first Spanish Rolfer physical therapist. I am a Rolfing movement teacher. I have done structural, visceral and craniosacral osteopathy to complement my work. I have received distinct training in mindfulness, Pilates, Trager©, relaxation techniques, mind control, detailed fascial work, and many other courses related to personal development and psychotherapy from all over the world.

The work of Hubert Godard had influenced me, and also presented defining before and after moments in my life. I feel like a pioneer in networking and bridging meetings among different therapeutic disciplines, searching for an interdisciplinary dialogue regarding health that can reach everyone. This was the inspiration for creating BodywisdomSpain.

I’m the director of the Kinesis Center for Physical Therapy and Movement in Harmony, where we offer different therapies, focusing mainly on musculoskeletal problems, both acute and chronic. I work in a completely personalized way with each patient and use the Rolfing© method, movement education and the Matrix Rhythm therapy© in order to accelerate the recovery process. Having suffered debilitating backaches and other limitations has allowed me to develop my intuition and find the individual necessities of each person. My work is an active meditation for me, a flowing for which each day I feel more respect and admiration for the possibility to work and resolve problems and needs together with my patients, and, above all, for them to find their own way to enjoy and maximize their life potential.

I always wanted to work with methods and therapies which complemented one another in order to get the best results. I don’t call anything I do alternative, I’m not the least bit alternative; I work with common sense, empathy and everything I learned from university, the streets, from nature, from real life relationships and from myself.

Every day I feel more certain that working with people from heart to heart is the key to success, from being able to inspire others and from wanting to feel good about my work in order to keep on giving the best of what I’ve got. I am so grateful to the thousands of patients who have put their trust in me and have been part of my organic laboratory. I wouldn’t be who I am without them. A therapist’s own training is a way of life, and I don’t have to search anymore, because the situations and people now find me, and I know, from a calm space within, that all the information I need is inside of me.

„I have no right to call myself one who knows. I was one, who seeks, and I still am, but I no longer seek in the stars or in books; I’m beginning to hear the teachings of my blood pulsing within me…“


Herman Hesse, Demian

I’ve created and worked with residential programs for rheumatic patients from abroad. This program is one of the most comprehensive of its kind in the world, and it has treated over 2000 patients. I’ve also worked on programs for stress management (Bank clients) and international programs for personal development. Having been a swimmer, I’ve taught swimming to children and adults of all ages while at University, and this evolved into being co-creator of Integral Aquatic Therapy, which complements all work done outside of the water in an extraordinary way. A TIA session is an experience not to be missed!

I work with Swedish companies since 1998, I started with rheumatic patients and this work culminated with a presentation at Harvard University. Now I am mainly focused on stress management programs, burn-out and improvement of quality of life of employees with the Swedish consultancy company Hagalivscenter.

I trained in Leadership and Coaching at Columbia University and Embodiment Facilitation in London.

I serve as a Board member in ISMETA ( International somatic Movement education and Therapy Association ) My purpose is helping to grow the emerging field of Somatic Movement Education and Therapy.

Recently I discovered Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms. This way of moving my body has given me such joy and pleasure just from merely dancing and moving in such a way that it has been a discovery that has made me re-connect with my true essence.

I’ve given courses at various universities and centers throughout Spain and Internationally for health professionals and people interested in well-being and holistic health. I am currently working on the creation of a program I call Body Intelligence, and I believe that by discovering our potential via the body, the bases for greater emotional and physical intelligence and the self-care and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries and premature aging are possible.

I have three children who range in age, and I’ve been able to combine/weave/interlace my work and my motivation with family life, watching my children grow and feeling the miracle of life each day. I live and work in Benicassim, but if you want me to offer a course or receive therapy from me in your city, I will travel to your city.