“Knowledge is only a rumor until it inhabits the body”

My work is a synthesis of the many different approaches and knowledge I’ve accumulated over the many years of my development and practice both academically and professional situations including. Physiotherapy, Rolfing method, structural and functional,Experiential anatomy, Rhythmic matrix therapy and Coaching. And of course my life experience.

The true transformation begins in the body.

By receiving individual sessions you’ll understand your movement patterns, limitations, injuries and pain while at the same time discovering your true potential.

OBJETIVE: To help you find and build a relationship with your body, mind and emotions through different approaches that all fall within this humanistic and holistic approach..

Have a life without pain, moving with agility and learning to take care of yourself.



Rolfing® changed my life both personally and professionally and it was at that point that I decided to dedicate myself to this work more than 25 years ago. Its given me the opportunity to understand the body in all its aspects and see the potential people have.

It is an individual body work that enables harmony and balance in the physical, emotional and mental structure through the manipulation of myofascial tissues and the education of movement. All this is seen in an improvement of posture and physical appearance, relief of tension and pain, increased stability, flexibility and overall body wellness. Additionally, athletes, actors and musicians also perceive an improvement in performance and capabilities.

The name of the Rolfing® method derives from its creator, Dra. Ida P Rolf. Her work of integrating the structures of the human body, has a mainly preventive character but the people who receive it frequently report an improvement in their pathologies and chronic pain. It is applied in a cycle of 10 basic sessions and is recommended for any age.

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Life itself is Movement

Once you have received the Rolfing method, or if you want to fully immerse yourself in somatic movement, you will learn a creative and intelligent methodology. This work will help you find security in your body and well-being in your emotions and can be applied in your profession and daily life from minute one. It will also give you the necessary tools to care of yourself in a simple but efficient way.

This is a program that is carried out in small groups and it is set up to give individualized assistance at the same time.

It includes 10 sessions in which we will make a trip through the whole body, of your whole person. During this exploration we will work different areas of the body creating more awareness of your gestures and movements, and releasing tensions and restrictions.

You can do it in person or online

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Age and profession have made me understand that the word Taking Care has different meanings for each of us.

In this program I accompany you to discover what it means to take care of yourself. We’ll explore how to achieve in a calm and simple way the awareness necessary to choose which exercise practices, sports, habits and treatments to follow according to your structure, functionality and age. We’ll also learn how to generate habits and routines that are easy to incorporate into your daily life. Other areas we’ll cover include posture improvement and learning of your action potential. Each session has a specific purpose that we set in advance.

I want to help you discover that taking care of yourself is the combination of several things, the goal is to find balance among them all while making this journey an enjoyment and not a burden to your daily life.

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The somatic perspective allows us to address the question of how sensory experience is perceived, and how to integrate it into our daily lives.

Coaching work allows us to expand our capacity for personal growth, through an awareness of our own being, both physical and emotional.

The way we see things and the reality that surrounds us is marked by the experiences, habits and beliefs we have accumulated throughout our lives.

But who we are is not solely determined by how we act, it is also determined by how we move. In other words, if we learn to act and move differently, we can change our being and transformation the circumstances and beliefs that prevent us from living a full existence.

If you have already received bodywork, you need to understand and give meaning to your way of being in the world. It will help you become aware and will provide you with the necessary presence to confront the transformation we seek with greater confidence and solidity.

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You will have heard the saying “prevention is better than cure” and that is that, as we age, we accumulate more and more tension in our body. I propose initially a treatment of body therapy and movement education. This releases the chronic accumulation of tension in the fascia and prevents it from continuing to affect the bones, joints and internal organs. Most of the time people do not perceive chronic tension, until it manifests itself in the form of lack of sleep, loss of mobility, tiredness, abandonment of the activities that we enjoy, chronic pain among a long etcetera of symptoms we put inside the bag of aging.

Many of these symptoms develop slowly and we don’t think about changing anything in our environment. Why wait? Why endure pain, for example, for so long? Unfortunately, until we are better, we don’t know what we’ve been missing.

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