I am so excited to share with you this course which it is the course I would have liked taken when I was much younger

Explorations in somatic education and Rolf movement, experiential anatomy and coaching.

Discover a new way to take care of yourself, improve and understand your physical and emotional potential.
Movement and awareness to promote self-care, well-being and psychophysical health, both for you and your patients.

A true transformation that will change the course of your life.

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Bibiana Badenes

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  • 8 live seminars. 2 hours duration.
  • Option of questions and forum during and after the seminars.
  • Availability of recording the live classes if you have not been able to attend.
  • Professional videos of all the exercises and manual for each one of them.
  • 2 individual tutorials of 30 min duration with Bibiana Badenes.
  • Weekly support from Bibiana.
  • Material to help you practice at home.
  • Group dynamics and interaction between participants.
  • and above all Bibiana’s humour included in each module.


  1. 26 September: Your posture speaks about you. Nervous System 
  2. 3 October: Hands and Feet. Support and Expression. 
  3. 24 October : Breathing, Diaphragms, Presence. Being Inspired.
  4. 7 November: Pelvis, Elvis is not dead.
  5. 14 November: Sit, Feel and Support.
  6. 21 November : Shoulder girdle, arms and expression.
  7. 19 December : Lines of force, intention, action. Core Integration. 
  8. 9 January : Neck, head and sensations. Call me spine : No to back pain. Pain and Nociception.

PLUS 2 TUTORIALS with Bibiana:

At the beginning of the course and at the end of it you will have an individual tutorial with Bibiana, previous appointment once you have formalized the inscription.

You will receive all the exercises of the classes professionally recorded and also the written exercises, so you can continue at home.
Each session we will give you the guidelines to be able to integrate it in the activities that you do in your daily life, either in the office, in the gym, in your sports practice and at home.

All practices can be done without having an agility or be in shape as we say.

The classes will be done with the ZOOM platform, if you don’t have it you will have to download it, you can use it in your mobile phone or in your computer.

Once you have paid, please send us an email so we can contact you with all the information, and you will receive a Zoom form, and an invitation to connect to both the first tutorial and later to each of the seminars.


What do I get in this training?

        • To understand the relationship between body and mind, in order to give a more balanced response.
        • Improve your movement patterns.
        • Improve the quality of your sleep.
        • A greater awareness of your habits.
        • Decrease pain.
        • Learn to take care of yourself.
        • Greater vitality… and much more.
        • If you are a health professional, you will be able to understand many of the symptoms and reactions that your patients have, by being able to understand in you, you will receive the information from more channels and not only theoretically.


“Our body moves as the mind moves. The qualities of any movement are a manifestation of how the mind is expressing itself through the body at that moment. Changes in the qualities of movement indicate that the mind has changed focus on the body.
Conversely, when we direct the mind or attention to certain areas of the body and initiate movement from those areas, we change the quality of our movement.
So movement can be a way of observing the expression of the mind through the body, and it can also be a way of effecting changes in the body-mind relationship. Bonnie Brainbridge-Cohen

Very limited places

ALL CLASSES will be held on SUNDAY, Madrid time, from 16:00 to 18:00.
Punctuality is requested. They will begin and end on time always.

Find your schedule according to the area of the world where you live

A place is guaranteed with the registration and payment of the course in strict order of registration. Once the course begins, no more students are accepted in this course. Once you have completed this course, you will have the possibility of taking it the following year for half the price as an advanced student.

+ information email to bibianabadenes@me.com

( please let us know if you need flexible payments)


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