Our first Life Planning trip to Benicasim in Spain took place in 2003.
What was intended as one temporary travel and rehabilitation programs proved to be more viable than that and throughout the years the program has lived on and continued to develop. In recent years, demand has increased and so have we carried out several trips each year, while taking a stand to keep the original the feeling and arrangement of the program in Benicasim which has remained quite similar.

Today, over a thousand people in Sweden have undergone the Life Planning Program and several of you have been asking for a follow-up trip and had the desire for us to create a community
around the approach and philosophy on which the program is based.

This is a way to get support in staying awake and aware of their balance and life issues, to get inspiration and not least to share experiences and thoughts with others.

We have listened to you and taken your wishes seriously, which has resulted in both we have written a book about the Program where we share our thoughts and experiences, and that we now have the pleasure of being able to offer a follow-up journey of Life Planning which we hope that you want to follow along!

In March 2020 (25-29 / 3), we open to offer former participants from the Life Planning Program to come to Hotel Voramar in Benicasim for 5 days to reconnect to the site, get inspiration and refill from Fredrik and Bibiana, and the opportunity to meet others “Life Planners”.

For more information please contact info@hagalivscenter.com

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