If you want to hire me to give a course at your university, center or organization, this is one of the courses that I like to give.

In manual therapy and osteopathy we perform manipulation techniques restoring the functionality of the tissues so that they can perform their physiological function and participate with all their capacity in the homeostasis of the body. With the structural change begins a process in which new movement options appear, often we neglect this moment and the person returns home without being aware of the change and performing their daily activities or sports gesture in the same way, so often re-injured or new ones appear by compensation, this is where we can influence the changes are lasting and change their patterns and habits.

With this course I propose you.


– Discover the different possibilities to become aware of yourself and maintain the changes that have occurred.

– Tools to be able to teach and design specific exercises to your patients so that after a manipulation they can continue to improve and help themselves as well as positively influence their general condition.

– Acquire skills in the different manipulations and ways of touching depending on which receptor mechanism we want to stimulate.

– Teaching different maneuvers to use in myofascial manipulation so that the patient actively participates.

– Starting from the concept that we are movement, it is through the perception of movement itself that we will be able to detect more easily those situations that generate tension and find those places where there are limitations.

– Acquiring a body intelligence that will allow us to detect postural and gestural patterns that cause us tension and / or pain.

– Being aware of our way of moving we can make a static and dynamic body reading of our patients in a more accurate way.